Readers' opinions

“One of the most inspiring books I have ever read!

“I dream about a separate book by this author about each chapter and issue. Incredibly interesting, eye and mind opening book! More, more, more, please !!!

“This is reading beyond political divisions! About women, but not only for them”

„One book, and you can learn more about women in Polish history than in all school lessons together”

A book about forgotten women in Polish history has been written (ELLE)

It is a vast and important piece of knowledge that is easily absorbed and read with excitement. (…) There are multiple voices that „The Missing Half of History” should be a school textbook, or at least a book that everyone should read and then pass on further.

Forgotten half of history (Vogue)

Anna Kowalczyk, although one might think that trying to create a synthesis of the history of women in Poland is a mission imposible, accomplished a task, that in my opinion, is able to change the way we think about our history. 

Where are all these Women? (Wysokie Obcasy)

I do not want a short history, but entire history, because when you finish reading „The Missing Half of History”, you want to shout: „Give me more, girl„. Anna Kowalczyk, with her writing, makes first steps on a path will have to follow for many years to come.

First Women (Polityka)

There has not been such a book on the Polish market yet. „The Missing Half of History” neatly combines the latest findings of academics with a popular history of Polish women and their struggle for civil rights.

Famous Polish women: Maria Skłodowska-Curie and Emilia Plater. Only these two? (Books Magazine)

The history of women, trapped in the cracks of existence for hundreds of years, finally has a chance to penetrate mass consciousness. Kowalczyk’s book certainly contributes to this, and I find it charming and effective in reaching the recipient of the middle.

History is still being taught selectively: here are over 300 pages of evidence (Na Temat)

The author succeeds in explaining complex terms (where historians would add a lot of footnotes) in a fun way. Learning through play? As you can see, can also work for adults.

Why should Anna Kowalczyk’s „The Missing Half of History” be used as school reading? (

The book is fascinating not only because of the matter it deals with, but also thanks to the lively language, the wealth of anecdotes and details, and the journalistic vigor of the author, who does not avoid a slightly polemical tone. In my opinion, it has a chance to interest even the most reluctant teenager.

Valuable, interestin, food for thought (HERITO)

And yet it seems such a book was needed, that it could be profitably offered to young girls to make them realise that they do not always have to choose soft studies, or to help them fight for their own place, for an independent voice. To remind them that they don’t have to just smell or look nice. And we could also give it to boys in order to show them that history is not a male domain, that social life without women is not possible.