Women On Duty is a series of interviews with women from all around the world about how they live and work in the times of pandemic.

This crisis, more than the previous ones has a gender. Women constitute the majority of the frontline jobs, women are the ones to take the second shift at a time when educational and care facilities are closed. And last but not least, women will be the first layoffs in the conditions of upcoming recession. UN admits that the pandemic will severely strain the gains of feminism and return women to the kitchen and diapers.

Here they have a voice.

A kaleidoscope of women’s views and experiences – that is still absent on TV or in the newspapers. From an opera singer from Cologne, to a diplomat based in Tel Aviv. From a Portuguese tech expert, to Polish hospital pharmacist and German Lutheran pastor. Vienna, Istanbul, Brussels, Madrid. In frank conversations, women of different origins and professions tell their stories of everyday life in the unusual times.

How they have been handling the risk and isolation? How their rituals and duties have changed? What they expect to come out of this experience. For the world. And for themselves.